Password Frequently Asked Questions


First off, make certain that you are entering both your username and password correctly. Both items are CaSe SeNsAtIvE -- meaning that a username of "CollegeGuy" isn't the same as "collegeguy". You have to enter the username and password EXACTLY as you entered them when you signed up. Our servers are case sensitive, and upper and lower case must be exact or the login will be rejected. 90% of all password problems we handle usually revolve around this issue.

Your login and password has been disabled. This can happen because either your account has been disabled, or a monthly charge failed. The credit card companies have many reasons for not allowing your bill to be processed, including change of address, lack of credit or instructions from the cardholder.

Forgotten password?

Please call our email our support department to reset your account password.  Be prepared to give details of your account so that we can verify your ownership of the account.


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