e-Mail Frequently Asked Questions


I get 'bad password' whenever I check my mail
Nine times out of Ten you get this error because you are not checking your mail with your username as your e-Mail username. Double check that you have that username in your software as your username. The other main cause of this error message is that you did not enter your password exactly as shown in your setup info. The CaSe is ImPorTAnt! 
You also do NOT need the @E-List.Net at the end of your username to access email.

Ok I have 2 e-Mail addresses, but my software only seems to support one, what do I do?
Simple, Use a second e-Mail program, or Netscape Communicator. The easiest option is to download a mail program like Eudora Lite (it's free and it works simultaneously with other mail programs without a hitch.) Or you can download Netscape Communicator. Once it is installed, go to the user profile manager in the Communicator Tools Group, and you can have multiple profiles for e-Mail, browsing, favorites, etc.


I am at work, and I cannot send mail. I get an error that says "can not relay" or "unknown email address". What does this mean?
If you set your PC at work to use as our sending mail server, over your corporate LAN, it will not work. You need to use your companies local SMTP server to relay mail. Our server interprets your sending mail to it from an unknown source as spam, and rejects it. Or you can utilize our web based mail program Webmail from any browser anywhere on the Internet.

Notes: We do not offer any telephone support for mail clients other than our own webmail. For Outlook help, please see the Microsoft help pages. You must have your return address set to @ and originate mail from a connection to for it to be relayed through our SMTP servers. False or invalid addresses will cause your mail to bounce. In addition your email client software must be set to authenticate.  There is a setting in your email program that specifies so send login information when sending mail, this is required.  This action helps us prevent Spamming through our system. Spam is the sending of unsolicited (usually unwanted as well) e-Mail.

We ask that you do not spam.

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