Billing FAQ


Billing FAQ

Many, if not most user connection problems are really billing issues.
Here is a run-down of common billing issues


Basic policy
We bill for service in advance. Your payment is due on or before your anniversary date.
Overdue accounts are subject to suspension or removal.

We do not issue paper bills if your payment is processed with a credit card.

If you think that we have made a billing error (it happens sometimes), please email billing. Make sure you provide a detailed explanation of the problem, your username and real name. Without that information we are obviously unable to investigate your complaint.

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Due to fraud issues, we do not process cancellations via email.  In order to cancel your account please send a cancellation letter to us by either U.S. Postal service or Fax.  Make sure that you include your name, your username, the fact that you want to cancel and the date you wish the cancellation to be effective.  Most importantly please remember to sign your name to the cancellation letter.

Check Payment
Your check is due in our office by your anniversary date. Accounts with late payments may be will be charged a $5 late fee and could be subject to suspension while we await your check. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 days to process your check. If you are paying by check, please remember to include your Real Name and username, to ensure proper processing.

Returned Checks
If your check is returned by the bank, we will charge you a $25.00 Returned Check Fee. Your account will be suspended and not reactivated until your account is current.

Credit Card Problems

Four digit code
On the back of your card, in the signature panel, you will find two sets of digits. We need the second set. Yes, we know, some cards only have 3 digits there. That is fine.

AVS mismatch
The address information we have on file for you must match the information on your credit card billing statement. If the addresses do not match, our credit card company denies the charge.

Invalid Card Number
Usually a typing error, transposed numbers, wrong expiration date etc.

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