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HIPAA Consulting

We can help medical professionals understand how the Security and Privacy Sections of the HIPAA regulations will affect their IT operations. We will help clients with the following areas:

  • Base security audit of operations

  • Implement robust auditing for all access

  • Implement robust authentication and encryption capabilities

  • Ensure that remote workers are adequately secured via VPN connections

  • Assist with system upgrades where appropriate to meet compliance

  • Review and modify disaster recovery and offsite record storage capabilities

Managed Security Services (IP/Event management/ Alert Services)

Provide an outsourced virtual security team for clients

  • Monitoring of all internal network equipment (router/firewall/switches) for suspicious activity

  • Monitor all internal server/workstation event logs for security breaches

  • Provide event correlation among all monitored services to identify attacks and patterns of hacking activity

  • Develop a customized patch/software maintenance plan for the client and monitor appropriate vendors for security patches

  • Track breaking vulnerability news and warn clients if they may be vulnerable

  • Professional Investigative services

Managed Anti-Virus Strategies

  • Monitored and controlled virus services, guaranteed up-to-date protection for your PC, Server or email.

  • Get the email you want and nothing else, includes Spam and virus elimination, all blocked on our servers.

  • No more software worries or updates to download, everything managed for you.

Managed Data sharing, protection and disaster recovery

Whether you want to access your files from home, need to share information between offices or maintain off-site copies of critical documents, our remote data services can provide a cost effective solution.

  • Online backups

  • Access your data from any Internet connection without using custom or hard to configure software

  • Disaster recovery built in

  • Encrypted connections available

  • Clientless configuration

FREE online vulnerability assessment service

Firewalls no longer stop the fires, test your systems now to prevent security related issues in the future. The FREE test is only the first step in protecting your network of computers. Get a comprehensive report as to the possible security issues you may have to face.

All security services come with dependability, reliability, and confidentiality

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