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Simply put our photo gallery management software is an interactive collection of photo's or photo albums. Each gallery contains as many photo albums as you want. Administration of the photo albums are done entirely via an intuitive, web interface. You don't need special privileges or programming skills to configure and maintain it. As an administrator of the photo gallery you start off with only one user, the Administrator, which can do almost anything with the photo gallery. You can create albums or privileged users who can be granted permission to create and maintain their own albums or who have just enough privileges to view a protected album.


An album is a sub-section of the photo gallery software. It can contain pictures and movies. It can have specific permissions (e.g., some users can modify it, some users can add to it). The album owner is typically the chief maintainer of an album, but the owner can grant those permissions to other Gallery users.

Adding Photos Albums

If you have the appropriate permissions, you can add photos to an album. You can add photo's to it one at a time or up to 10 at a time using the web based "Add Photos" dialog. With the added ZIP file support, a faster alternative is to upload a ZIP file full of photos and movies or even specify a web page and let photo gallery software go and slurp all the photos and movies off of that page for you (it'll let you pick which ones you want). A fourth option is to copy images to your web site directory and let the photo gallery copy them directly into your album. As photos and movies are added to the album, Gallery will resize them and make thumbnails of them for you. The photo gallery software will also allow you have albums within albums so you can organize sets of albums together. You can choose which album you want to be the highlight, just as if it were a photo. You can move albums and ranges of photos in and out of other albums.

Maintaining Photos

A photo or movie is the basic unit of Gallery. Photos and movies are grouped together into albums. Once you have the photos in your album the fun begins. Typically an intermediate resized version and a thumbnail of the image are created for you. You can:

  • Add Captions

  • Edit the thumbnail, with a small Java applet that lets you select a part of the

  • image as the source for your thumbnail.

  • Rotate your photo (in 90 degree increments)

  • Highlight a photo (pick a photo to represent the album in the main Gallery)

  • Reorder the photos in the album

  • Hide photos (so that they're only visible to the owner)

  • Delete photos

  • Sort your album based popularity, title, number of comments, and photo capture date.

  • Edit multiple captions at once

Maintaining Albums is easy:

Each album's appearance can be customized by its owner in a variety of ways. You can change the title, colors, background, fonts, and borders. You can also specify a target thumbnail size and a target intermediate photo size (so that folks with lesser bandwidth can view smaller versions of large images). The number of rows and columns in an album is customizable, as well as a variety of viewer options.


A user (provided the admin allows it) can create a new album. This user (the creator of the album) is the album's owner and can modify the album's permissions. You can grant read, write, modify and delete permissions to individual users on a per-album basis. Owners and the Administrator always have all permissions.


  • Navigation: Users viewing your album can easily navigate around using the navigation bars at the top and bottom of every album page. Each album can be given its own unique URL. Each photo within the album in turn has its own unique URL. You can use these URLs to get directly to a specific photo from outside the Gallery (useful when you want to email photo links to a friend). In addition to this, the album owner can allow the user to use the following features:

  • Fit-To-Window: This feature will scale any photos that don't have intermediate resized versions so that they fit on the screen of the viewer. This is an optional feature that can be disabled by the Administrator.

  • Full-vs-Resized: Viewers can specify that they want to view "only" the full sized versions. Keyword searching: The photo gallery allows you to search your album and photo names and descriptions for keywords. This is a configurable option. EXIF headers: The photo Gallery displays the EXIF data embedded into images by most of the newer digital cameras. This is a configurable option.

  • Click counting: The photo gallery tracks how many times an album or photo has been viewed and displays it for you to see. This is an optional feature that can be disabled by the Administrator.

  • Public commenting: Visitors can write their own comments on individual photos for all to see. The Administrator can manage these comments. This is an optional feature that can be disabled by the Administrator.

  • Slideshow: Visitors can view the contents of an album using a slideshow.

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