Interactive Multiple Listing System


If you have a company that needs to showcase real-estate, automotive or any other detailed oriented product our interactive listing software will work wonders for you!


Add the interactive
multiple listing system
to your hosting plan
for just
$12.95 per month

Integrated with your website the software will allow visitors to search threw current inventory, see pictures and obtain details on each and every item listed.  All packaged in a neat web based application all managed by you the administrator with the click of your mouse.  No programming skills are needed to manage this program, add listings with or without images.  Update daily or when needed threw your own website.


  • Allow visitors to look through your listings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365.25 days a year.

  • Easily keep your listings updated -- no HTML coding required to add, delete, or

  • modify listings.

  • Built-in image manager -- upload photos via your web browser, either when

  • creating new listings or modifying an existing one. If photos are not uploaded for a

  • property, a "photo not available" image will be automatically displayed for the

  • listing.

  • Automatically thumbnails -- smaller versions of your images are automatically

  • created.

  • Automatically interfaces with Yahoo Maps for address based listings like real-estate.

  • Secure -- no one but you can change your listings.

  • Viral Marketing -- visitors can email listings to their friends right from the software.

  • Showcase specific listings -- built-in featured listing manager allows you to place

  • special offerings right on your front page.

  • Flexible search -- browse listings according to whatever criteria you like.

  • Configurable forms -- Don't like the form choices included, we can change them to

  • meet your needs!

  • Template system allows integration with any styled website.

Current available versions include
Real-estate & Automotive
Other versions can be created on demand

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