When you order a dedicated server from E-List.Net, you will have a server that is setup by industry experts with years of experience. Our Network Operations personnel will rigorously test every hardware and software component involved.

Our dedicated servers include the following:

  • High speed Connections.
  • A secure, controlled environment.
  • Online Uninterruptible Power Supply .
  • Windows and the Linux operating systems for your dedicated servers.


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Features Danick1 Danick2 Danick3
Processor AMD Athlon 2200 AMD Athlon 2600

AMD Athlon 3000

Memory (ram) 1GB 1GB 1GB
Hard Drive 1 x 80 Gigabyte 2 x 80 Gigabyte 2 x 80 Gigabytes
IP's 1 1 1
Bandwidth 700 Gig 700 Gig 700Gig
Monitoring Standard Standard Advanced
Setup $0 $0 $0
Monthly $249 $269 $289
Billing Monthly


OS Windows 2000, 2003 or Red Hat 9.0
Your choice!
Additional IP addresses $4 per month
Additional Bandwidth $5 per Gig

You will have full root/admin access to your server, its your server. You are welcome to install whatever you like, make whatever changes, and add mail accounts, domains, sub-domains, FTP Accounts or whatever you need for your server. Any additional software will not be supported and we will not be responsible for any problems that may occur because of software you install. If it is necessary to restore the server due to a non supported installation or software program we will charge you a restoration fee.
In the event of a hardware-related problem, we will immediately replace any failed component at no cost to you. Replacements are usually made within 24 hours. We will make every attempt to correct the problem as soon as possible. You will be notified by e-mail once the problem is resolved.
We do not cap or restrict your bandwidth. Your traffic may burst to as much as the server requires. Each server comes with a specified amount of data transfer per month. Bandwidth is metered and it is measured by polling the switch port for the server every 5 minutes to measure both the in and out bandwidth usage.

Included software with the servers:

Linux: The servers come with a standard install of Red Hat Linux. Some of the Control Panel Software only supporting certain versions of Red Hat Linux at this time. Each server will include Apache Sendmail, Bind, Perl, PHP 4 and MySql. Plesk for example uses Q-mail instead of Sendmail so it depends on which package you choose. You will have root control with full Telnet and FTP access. SSH and SSL come enabled on the servers as well. All software depends upon which server you purchase.

Windows: Our Windows 2000 servers naturally include IIS 5.0 for Web, FTP and basic SMTP email services, as well as Microsoft's own DNS Server. In addition to this, our Windows 2000 servers include MailEnable Standard for refined SMTP and POP3 email services, especially geared for Virtual Hosting. We install Microsoft's Web Matrix ASP.NET development environment as well as the MSDE database engine. This also includes the .NET . Framework runtime making it possible to develop and deploy ASP.NET web applications and ASP.NET Web Services on your server. *Please note that not all Windows servers come installed with Microsoft's Web Matrix.
Control panels?

Linux: For our Red Hat Linux servers, we have a web-based interface called Webmin, see www.webmin.com for online manuals and screenshots of this interface. The other servers have Control Panel Software included that was designed to make your life much simpler as the single point administrator. This tool allows you to manage multiple domains very easily on a Linux Server.
Windows: You will have terminal server access to the machine.  A stats package is not installed.

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