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A shopping cart can be added to your hosting plan for $69.95/mo. 
This is one of the keys to an e-commerce Web site. 
This allows your clients to browse through your items 
for purchase and place them in a virtual shopping cart. 
They can then pay for all items at once.


Search engine promotion can be added for $29.95 per year. 
This is extremely important because in order to be noticed, 
a Web site needs good placement in the search engines. 
Our search engine promotion uses a sophisticated software
package to place your site in the search engines.

You may have multiple domain names 
point to your Web site for $1 per month, per domain name.  

SQL Server may be utilized for $20/mo. 
with no set up fee. 
This is a scalable, reliable, flexible and high-performance 
relational database management system for web applications.
For our Unix Customers we have MySQL for the same price  

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